Playboy Covers of the 1960’s

(photo source:

First launched in 1953, Playboy Magazine altered our perception of sexuality right from the beginning. The covers of the 1960’s issues immortalize a very particular kind of beauty found in the bouffant hairdoes, thick eyeliner, and iconic outfits that these girls wore.

Are you still wondering why we all flipped over the Louis Vuitton bunny ears?


来年からのLOUIS VUITTONのウサギの耳と似ているね?(笑)





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3 responses to “Playboy Covers of the 1960’s

  1. foolfashion

    The big one is acttually a very beautiful cover.
    You live in Japan? Why do you speak Japanese?

    • Isn’t it? That picture inspired me to look for more.

      I learned Japanese when I lived in Japan for school. Now I am back in Canada, but I still want to use my Japanese everyday. Someday I would like to go back to Japan and work for a fashion magazine.

      Thank you for commenting, I really enjoy reading your blog because you show so much stuff that I like, and it’s also a cool international perspective!

  2. I love this post! Old Playboy covers are great. The models then were so classy and beautiful.

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