VFW & Other Belated News

(photo source: theprovince.com)

Hello everyone! After not updating for more than a week, I feel like I’ve got to post some exciting stuff to make it up to my readers. I’ve just started a new job, and after working all day I pretty much come home and pass out, haha. Not a lot of time to devote to fashion, sadly. Tomorrow I’m (finally) attending the last day of Vancouver Fashion Week! The final show is going to be an International Design Competition of sorts, with entrants from Germany, Norway, USA, Canada, and so on… or so I’ve heard. I promise to post a million pictures and babble on and on about anything beautiful that I see! Also showing tomorrow is menswear’s Drew William, who worked with Danish designer Henrik Vibskov before debuting his own collection for F/W 2009. Check out the Lookbook featured on his website.

I’ve also discovered a competition called America’s Most Stylish Blogger, in which 8 style-savvy girls are sent one new item per week to create a cool outfit around. It’s being presented by StyleList.com and Bluefly.com. My personal favourites are Trang Huyen of Behind The Seams, Nikki Moose of Dirty Flaws and Tiffany Tse of Style Sophisticate. This week’s round involves a killer pair of grey Prada booties, which you can see below, as photographed by Trang Huyen. So jealous.

On a different note, I found another blog with the name “The Daily Doll”, which seems to have been created earlier this month. Feeling a little bummed because I thought I had found something unique and personal, which someone else has now claimed as their own. Oh well, it is just the internet after all, and people are bound to come up with the same ideas now and then.

Oh, and by the way, the 2009 BMC Graduation Fashion Show is now scheduled for Tuesday, November 24th! I’ll see you there. (;




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2 responses to “VFW & Other Belated News

  1. Hi, it’s Tiffany from Style Sophisticate πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the support! I just stumbled upon your site and love it!

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