Betsey Johnson & Zebra Print

Some of Betsey Johnson‘s bag designs are a little too out there for my taste, but her monochromatic zebra bags have caught my eye. I decided to throw the pink one in there as well. Hit or miss? I apologize for not posting lately; I’m so busy with work, but I promise to spend more time on this blog. Fashion withdrawals! I know this post is nothing groundbreaking, but at least it’s something. By the way, all of the photos above are from the online shop Karmaloop, which you can visit by clicking the link below.

Shop Betsey Johnson:
Betsey Johnson Official Store
Shop BJ at




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2 responses to “Betsey Johnson & Zebra Print

  1. i dont mind these but im not crazy about them. the one you posted in the previous post is really cute though!

  2. Mums

    I think that this blog is FABULOUS! love your adoring mother. mums

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