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Betsey Johnson & Zebra Print

Some of Betsey Johnson‘s bag designs are a little too out there for my taste, but her monochromatic zebra bags have caught my eye. I decided to throw the pink one in there as well. Hit or miss? I apologize for not posting lately; I’m so busy with work, but I promise to spend more time on this blog. Fashion withdrawals! I know this post is nothing groundbreaking, but at least it’s something. By the way, all of the photos above are from the online shop Karmaloop, which you can visit by clicking the link below.

Shop Betsey Johnson:
Betsey Johnson Official Store
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VFW: Drew William

Here’s the first round of photos from Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2010. Drew William is an Edmonton-born designer based out of Vancouver who specializes in avant garde menswear. Having studied at Emily Carr University, as well as Central Saint Martins in London, he has an interesting perspective that you wouldn’t expect from a designer on this side of the Atlantic.

His Spring/Summer 2010 collection explores the use of shapes and lines. The chosen models walked the runway at a shuffle – perhaps to compliment the over-all “zombie” styling. Drew managed to mix really unusual pieces in a way that for the most part doesn’t look tacky, or fashion student-ish at all. I thought that the thin ropes tied at the ankles was an interesting touch, and the obvious use of cut-outs through various pieces is unique and edgy. While many designers are using sheer fabrics to expose a little taste of skin here and there, Drew William doesn’t tease and instead shows us exactly what lies beneath the structured capes, shirts, and sleeves.

The last photographs are of the designer Drew William, and an image of lines being drawn on a hand that showed on the runway before the models began walking. There are lots of great pictures from this show, so you might see the pictures in this post changing around during the next few days. Let me know what you think of this collection! Below are closer pictures showing more clearly the details, as well as the unusual make-up job.


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New Designer Fashion Grand Prix

Take a look at some of the winning designs from the 2008 New Designer Fashion Grand Prix. I love the accompanying sketches, which give some insight into the whole design and construction process. Every year many young Japanese designers rank highly in this competition, proving the innovation that is coming out of the East. Keep in mind that 722 schools participate every year, with entries from 61 different countries. By going to the Official Website, you can see who has been pre-selected for the 2009 competition.

Shohei Furuuchi, Japan

Juri Kang, Korea
“New Standard”

Satoko Ozawa, Japan
“Take Off The Skin”

Miri Uhm, Korea


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Ebru Danyal Jewelry

I’d like to introduce you all to Ebru Danyal, a Turkish jewelry designer whose crazy-cute creations make me wanna pin teddy bears and unicorns to all my jackets. As a young girl she always loved making clothing for her Barbies, so the next logical step… make stuff for real people, right? Her career path seems to be mirroring that of fellow jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino in that her work has already been seen on celebrities, bringing out the little girl in everybody (famous or otherwise, of course!). With collection names like “Circus Love”, “Pink Winter” and “Doll Face”, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with her stuff. Her personal website, features fantastic digital artwork of her collections as well as the kind of out of this world girls that would wear her pieces well – think pink-haired mermaids. Her earrings, bracelets and necklaces feature items like miniature bags of popcorn, glittery high-heels, ponies, ice cream cones, ribbons and voodoo dolls strung together in a way that screams “cute”, but also “chic” at the same time.

(photo source: dantel giyum)

Career Highlights
2004: Opened her first shop in Bodrum (Turkey) in 2004.
2006: Started designing clothing (a t-shirt collection and haute couture dresses).
2008: Honoured as “The Best Accessory Designer” at the Bijorhca International Jewelry Fair in Paris.
2009: Announced accessory line for “the perfect celebrity – old top model, now a gorgeous mom!”.

Buy her stuff!
Official Shop (Europe) (International) (Japan)

トルコのアクセサリデザイナーのEBRU DANYALさんを話したいですよ。子供の時にBARBIEの服がいつも自分で作りました。次に人間の服が作りたいでっしょうか?EBRU DANYALはTARINA TARANTINO「有名なデザイナー」の歴史と似てる。2人のデザインはCELEBに見た。もう、このアクセサリを見るとかわいい女の子の気分がする。すごく楽しいだよ!コレクションの名前は「CIRCUS LOVE」や「PINK WINTER」、「DOLL FACE」など。スイートな感じだから、EBRU DANYALのデザインが大好きです。自分のウェブサイトはキュートなアートがいっぱいある。色んなアニメの女の子はEBRU DANYALのデザインと見られる。このピアスやブレスレットなどはハイヒールや馬、アイス、リボン、人形などが持っています。見てね。一緒に、この物はキュートな、シックなアクセサリになります。スーパーかわいいですよ!

2008年:パリの「BIJORHCA INTERNATIONAL JEWELRY FAIR」に「一番上手なアクセサリデザイナー」のプライズが勝った。




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