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New Designer Fashion Grand Prix

Take a look at some of the winning designs from the 2008 New Designer Fashion Grand Prix. I love the accompanying sketches, which give some insight into the whole design and construction process. Every year many young Japanese designers rank highly in this competition, proving the innovation that is coming out of the East. Keep in mind that 722 schools participate every year, with entries from 61 different countries. By going to the Official Website, you can see who has been pre-selected for the 2009 competition.

Shohei Furuuchi, Japan

Juri Kang, Korea
“New Standard”

Satoko Ozawa, Japan
“Take Off The Skin”

Miri Uhm, Korea



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Zipper Magazine

One of my absolute favourite Japanese magazines is Zipper, because of its super fun aesthetic. I haven’t found anywhere to buy it in Vancouver yet, but I’m still searching. One of my favourite editions was when they interviewed people studying at all of the major fashion and beauty colleges in Japan, to see what the curriculum was like. A great regular feature is that they show you how to recreate a ton of new, stylish hairstyles. Something unique to this magazine is that nearly all of the models are just regular girls, from university students to salon staff. Check out these style snaps of some of the girls in their everyday attire.

L to R: Ayumi and Kaori

L to R: Kei and Mina


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Playboy Covers of the 1960’s

(photo source:

First launched in 1953, Playboy Magazine altered our perception of sexuality right from the beginning. The covers of the 1960’s issues immortalize a very particular kind of beauty found in the bouffant hairdoes, thick eyeliner, and iconic outfits that these girls wore.

Are you still wondering why we all flipped over the Louis Vuitton bunny ears?


来年からのLOUIS VUITTONのウサギの耳と似ているね?(笑)




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