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Vancouver Fashion Week (!!!)

It looks like Vancouver Fashion Week is finally over. I had an AMAZING time tonight; took tons of photos, met lots of interesting people. I managed to get a great seat (thanks to the friendly girls working tonight!), and scored a media bag full of info about the sponsors and featured designers. Keep checking the blog, because the next few posts will be filled with information, commentary and photos from the shows that I saw. I’m so excited to tell you all about it! The photo above is a design by Tammy Larkin; most of what she showed was “avante garde menswear”, but I thought this outfit was pretty interesting. All VFW photos posted on this blog were taken by myself unless otherwise stated. (:



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November Sneak Peek

(photo source: stephen klein for vogue paris, here)

Here’s just a little look at some of next month’s highlights. I’ll be attending some cool fashion events in the city, as well as putting the spotlight on fashion in Japan. I’m so excited!

Vancouver Fashion Week Coverage
Fashion month hasn’t really ended, because VFW (November 3-8) has yet to commence! Expect some commentary on both local designers, and those who travel here to participate.
Blanche MacDonald Fashion Show Coverage
I’ll be attending the annual Blanche MacDonald Centre graduation show, which showcases the up-and-coming designers that this school helps to produce. Hopefully I’ll get some good photos as well.
Special on NYLON Japan
While its American counterpart has gotten more boring over the years, the Japanese edition has set itself apart as an edgy, yet playful magazine. I’ll be showcasing some of the inspiring content.
Japanese Style Icons
I’ll be introducing you to some of the fashionistas that Japanese girls actually try to emulate, rather than yet another article on Yohji Yamamoto. From down-to-earth models to pop singers, they’ve all got a unique style.

…and more, of course.









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