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Fashion Trend: The “Snood”

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No, I’m not talking about hairnets, or chopping the top off of your winter coat and just wearing that. This appears to be a new trend. Throw out your scarves and jackets ladies and gents; now you can kill two birds with one stone. To be honest some part of me has always coveted the modern Muslim headscarf, but aside from the Prada candy-coloured versions from a few seasons back, I haven’t found anything that really fits the look I’m after. Having discovered the snood (or should I just call it a hood?), I wonder – is this a politically-correct alternative that I could work into my wardrobe? Winter is about to begin, and this certainly looks cosy.

The stylish Charlene O’Rourke of Strutt wearing an H&M Snood.

Whether your budget is large or small, there’s a snood for you. Burberry‘s Cable Knit Snood retails for £175.00 ($290US), while the Deena & Ozzy Fur Hood sells for $48US at I remember finding a designer about a year ago who was selling something like this. Her specialty was gigantic knitted scarves, but I can’t remember her name for the life of me. If you’re thinking about buying a snood, sticking to a dark colour might be best. I’d also suggest keeping your outfit fairly simplistic, or at least monotone. This is probably not something to be worn with jeans, unless they’re a dark wash and perhaps tucked into some boots. In fact, I’d love to see this trend paired up with some killer lace-up booties.

What do you think?


お金持ち?お金持っていない?BURBERRYの「Cable Knit Snood」は¥26400ぐらい、でもURBAN OUTFITTERSの「Deena & Ozzy Fur Hood」は¥4400だけ!暗いスヌードは一番だと思います。シンプルな服もいい。ジーンズはブーツの中に入っている、おねがいします!私はスヌードとハイヒールブーツ一緒に見たい。





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