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VFW: Drew William

Here’s the first round of photos from Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2010. Drew William is an Edmonton-born designer based out of Vancouver who specializes in avant garde menswear. Having studied at Emily Carr University, as well as Central Saint Martins in London, he has an interesting perspective that you wouldn’t expect from a designer on this side of the Atlantic.

His Spring/Summer 2010 collection explores the use of shapes and lines. The chosen models walked the runway at a shuffle – perhaps to compliment the over-all “zombie” styling. Drew managed to mix really unusual pieces in a way that for the most part doesn’t look tacky, or fashion student-ish at all. I thought that the thin ropes tied at the ankles was an interesting touch, and the obvious use of cut-outs through various pieces is unique and edgy. While many designers are using sheer fabrics to expose a little taste of skin here and there, Drew William doesn’t tease and instead shows us exactly what lies beneath the structured capes, shirts, and sleeves.

The last photographs are of the designer Drew William, and an image of lines being drawn on a hand that showed on the runway before the models began walking. There are lots of great pictures from this show, so you might see the pictures in this post changing around during the next few days. Let me know what you think of this collection! Below are closer pictures showing more clearly the details, as well as the unusual make-up job.



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Vancouver Fashion Week (!!!)

It looks like Vancouver Fashion Week is finally over. I had an AMAZING time tonight; took tons of photos, met lots of interesting people. I managed to get a great seat (thanks to the friendly girls working tonight!), and scored a media bag full of info about the sponsors and featured designers. Keep checking the blog, because the next few posts will be filled with information, commentary and photos from the shows that I saw. I’m so excited to tell you all about it! The photo above is a design by Tammy Larkin; most of what she showed was “avante garde menswear”, but I thought this outfit was pretty interesting. All VFW photos posted on this blog were taken by myself unless otherwise stated. (:


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Miu Miu S/S 2010 Shoes


Here’s your taste of the Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2010 shoes shown at Paris Fashion Week. While having been dismissed as childish by some critics, I find this collection just a little bit fabulous. The asian inspired cut-outs are very fashion forward, while the mary-jane and ankle boot designs will feel familiar joining your wardrobe. With simple prints featuring flowers or animals, you have room to be a little more outrageous with the rest of your outfit. Or you could stick to something sleek – a nice black straight-legged pant or opaque leggings would look classy. I’d say these delightfully feminine shoes fall in somewhere between cool 70’s chick attire, your old private school uniform, the lady at the Chinese grocery store’s sandals, and something lost in Chloe Sevigny’s closet.

MIU MIUの春夏2010年靴コレクションを見てください。「PARIS FASHION WEEK」にデビューしました。色んなジャーナリストは「このコレクションは子供の気分が多い」が言いました。今年のMIU MIUの靴はグラマラスだと思います。新しいオリエンタルなスタイルがあるでも、メアリー・ジェーンズと短いブーツもあります。この2つがよく知っているですね。シンプルなプリントもあるから「花や動物など」、面白い服を身に着けることができます!シンプルな服もできる。たとえば、スリムなズボンかカラフルなレギングは大丈夫です。このコレクションはちょっと70年代ギャル、ちょっと征服、ちょっと中国人のサンダルとちょっとCHLOE SEVIGNY見たいなスタイルですね。



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